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We are an ensemble of International and Lebanese artists who create free, site specific, theatrical performances across Lebanon.


Opening Show : Tripoli Train Station


After hours of daytime rehearsals in August in Lebanon... hours of costume shopping and hunting for props in Beirut's sunday souk...hours of making puppets... and a 2 hour journey to Tripoli...BIM 3 finally began !

And what a touching experience it was. We had an intimate audience of about 100 Tripolitans, including our special invitees from the Chaarani orphanage. Before the performance began, Mr Bichara Assi, Head of the Train Syndicate, gave a small speech reflecting on the history of the location. Elias Khlatt, from the FRIENDS OF TRIPOLI TRAIN STATION also said a few words before handing the "stage" over to the BIM actors and pupeteers, who gave a stunning , first performance ! Mabrouk!

Next stop | Mar Mikael Train Station, Wednesday August 18, 2010 @ 6 PM

Special Thank You | Safadi Foundation, Maya Alameddine Moghrabi & Apparacida Awad



...in costumes :)
A peek at what is to come in just 4 days !!

Opening night: Tripoli, August 9 @ 6 PM


Free Theatre Initiative, The (B) I M Project, Animates Five Abandoned Lebanese Train Stations Through On-Site Performances

Beirut, Lebanon (The (B)IM Project) July/ August 2010 -- On August 9 2010, an early evening theatre performance at the old Tripoli Train Station will launch the third tour of The (B)IM Project, an exciting and avant-garde initiative exploring Lebanese theatre. “The principal mission is to animate Lebanese stories through free, site specific performances,” said Denise Maroney, producer of The (B)IM Project.

Formerly known as Books in Motion and launched in 2009 under the umbrella of UNESCO, the dynamic theatre company has produced two successful site-specific festivals. In the summer of 2009, the company adapted two books into interactive, improvised pieces and performed in public streets across Lebanon. In the winter of 2010, the company took the summer shows indoors, performing for children cancer patients in hospitals across Lebanon.

The upcoming 3rd festival will perform in Lebanon’s abandoned train stations. The piece is based on a thrilling legend surrounding the Riyak train station. Critically acclaimed writer and director Lucien Bourjeily adapts this legend into an interactive play set in the 1950s and performed in colloquial Arabic. A company of 5 Lebanese actors will devise a piece using improvisation and puppetry to create engaging and interactive theatre within the derelict train stations.

“The train stations that we discovered are a real treasure; I’ve always lived in Lebanon but I never knew that such gorgeous stations were still here standing the test of time, wars, and decades of negligence. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience theses stations. They tell a lot about our past, and the history of Lebanon in the 20th century,” says Bourjeily.

Beginning in Tripoli train station, the (B)IM project will move across Mar Mikael and Choueit Araya before ending the tour with a performance at the Riyak station on September 4, 2010.

While Lebanon has no shortage of artistic festivals and initiatives, rarely are these cultural events offered outside of a traditional theatre or performance space.

“(B)IM brings theatre to unusual places often overlooked or not considered appropriate for theatre. Lebanese train stations are forgotten jewels and this year’s festival will offer audiences a new perspective into their heritage,” Maroney explained.

This is the first theatre festival to take place in the Lebanese train stations. Tickets are free, but reservations are required. For more information on how to reserve, visit Facebook invitation: "AYA SE3A BYOUSSAL EL TREN ?" OR www.booksinmotionbeirut.com


Telephone | +961.70.517.937
Website | http://www.booksinmotionbeirut.com
Email | theBIMproject@Gmail.com
Facebook Event | AYA SE3A BYOUSSAL EL TREN ?"

Cast | Tarek Chemaly, Raouf Khelifa, Dima Matta, Sleiman Mortada & Maya Saebaly
Director | Lucien Bourjeily
Producer | Denise Maroney

In Collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, the Lebanese Train Syndicate, Elias Maallouf (President,Train/Train NGO), improBeirut and VAPA (Visual and Performing Arts Association)


Duration | 1 hour, start time at 7 PM

For details about reservations & free transportation to sites please visit Facebook Invitation“AYA SE3A BYOUSSAL EL TREN?” or email theBIMproject@gmail.com

Monday, August 9, 2010 … Tripoli Train Station
Wednesday, August 18, 2010… Mar Mikael Train Station
Sunday, August 29, 2010… Choueit Araya Train Station
Saturday, September 4, 2010… Riyak Train Station


A peek at what's coming to a train station near you!

(All Photography by Samer Ghorayeb)



4/16/2010: Hariri Hospital (Bir Hassan) & Chronic Care Center (Hazmiyeh)

Thank you to this week's volunteers, Nynke Burggraaff and Ihab Ahmed!



4/10/2010: Hammoud Hospital (Saida) & Nabatieh Governmental Hospital (Nabatieh)

Our first full-day performance in the South ! 

Greeted by the very warm and welcoming staff of Hammoud Hospital in Saida, we quickly set up in the pediatric common room in front of a large audience of parents and kids. By the end of our show, nurses, staff and doctors were crowding both doorways of the common room watching us! Everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly and the team was touched to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Hammoud Hospital :)

After a group lunch, we drove off to Nabatieh Governmental Hospital, beautifully  located on the top of a hill. The hospital staff decided that the sunny weather was a great opportunity for an outdoor performance and set up audience seating overlooking the valley ( see photo above ! ).  An enthusiastic audience + Outdoor Theatre in Nabatieh =  an exciting BIM performance  full of new improv and laughs! 

Thank you to this week's volunteers, Eric van Ommering and Josie McVitty !!



3/19/10 : St Jude's Cancer Center & American University Hospital

A touching and enthusiastic performance today with both nurses and children participating in the shows! Pictures from St Jude's  to follow soon...

Thank you volunteers, Chadi Nassar and Ahmad Khalil !!


Friday March 19... St Jude's Cancer Center and American University Hospital 



3/06/10 : Hotel Dieu  & Jeitawi Hospital in Achrafieh, Beirut

After an intimate performance in a very colorful playroom of Hotel Dieu, we headed to Jeitawi Hospital where we were met by press, photographers and TV crew from the Ministry of Culture. The BiM team did a group interview and then started the shows to a very engaged and entertained group of kids and staff alike.

**A big thank you to this week's volunteers, Nahla Atie and Chadi Nassar.


As Safir Newspaper Article on BIM

Full Article:



We arrived in Dahieh, a southern suburb of Beirut, at Bahman Hospital and set up in the auditorium to an audience of 40 kids accompanied by parents, doctors, nurses, staff and several photographers & Lebanese TV crews. After an energetic show, we hustled back to the BiM bus and continued to our next destination in Achrafieh, Beirut. We arrived at St George Hospital and had another receptive audience of children and parents. All in all, a successful and very touching opening performance. For more photos, check out our Facebook Group: Books in Motion.


**Thank you to 4 great volunteers at our show: Chafic Ayoub, Nicolas Dahan, Hala Naffah and Bernard Sacy.

Press Release: (B)IM Tours Hospitals, Spring 2010

Free theatre initiative Books in Motion will tour Lebanon this spring, performing for patients with cancer and chronic illness, bringing an innovative and enriching cultural experience to hospitals and health centers.


Beirut, Lebanon (Books in Motion) March 1, 2010 -- On February 20, 2010, an early morning theatre performance at the Bahman Hospital in Dahieh will launch the second tour of Books in Motion, an exciting and avant-garde initiative exploring Lebanese literature through free, site specific performance. “The principal mission is to explore Lebanese literature through free, site specific theatre,” said Denise Maroney, producer of Books in Motion.


Two extraordinary works of youth literature by Lebanese authors were selected by the dynamic creative team behind Books in Motion, adapted into plays in Arabic, and will now come to life in hospitals.


What is the Color of the Sea by Nadine Touma and The Slippers of Tanbouri by Fatima Charafeddine will be performed across Lebanon, directed by the critically acclaimed Lucien Bourjeilly. The Books in Motion company of actors, under Bourjeilly’s direction, will explore methods of improvisation and circus techniques to create playful and interactive theatre.


Beginning in Dahieh, this traveling theatre festival will tour the country, performing these remarkable plays free of charge in hospitals and health centers. Books in Motion will move across Beirut, Saida, Hazmiyeh and Nabatiyeh, before ending the tour with a performance at the Safadi Foundation in Tripoli’s on the 24rd of April.

While Lebanon has no shortage of artistic festivals and initiatives, rarely are these cultural events offered outside of a traditional theatre or performance space. “Books in Motion brings theatre to unusual places often overlooked or not considered appropriate for theatre. Our performances offer a new, enriching approach to theatre and are accessible to people who might not have a chance to experience it otherwise,” Maroney explained.


This first of its kind traveling theatre festival is in collaboration with the UNESCO World Book Capital City Festival and in partnership with Toufoula Association. †

Cast: Rauf Khelifa, Anas Al Saleh, Sarah Berjawi, Lama Dawood, Jessy Daou and Mohammad Hamzi Director: Lucien Bourjeily Stage Manager: Ingrid Tautal Photography: Jessica Kalache Videography: Christine Safi Producer: Denise Maroney Assistant Producer: Aline Sara Production Driver: Marwan Itani