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We are an ensemble of International and Lebanese artists who create free, site specific, theatrical performances across Lebanon.



4/16/2010: Hariri Hospital (Bir Hassan) & Chronic Care Center (Hazmiyeh)

Thank you to this week's volunteers, Nynke Burggraaff and Ihab Ahmed!



4/10/2010: Hammoud Hospital (Saida) & Nabatieh Governmental Hospital (Nabatieh)

Our first full-day performance in the South ! 

Greeted by the very warm and welcoming staff of Hammoud Hospital in Saida, we quickly set up in the pediatric common room in front of a large audience of parents and kids. By the end of our show, nurses, staff and doctors were crowding both doorways of the common room watching us! Everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly and the team was touched to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Hammoud Hospital :)

After a group lunch, we drove off to Nabatieh Governmental Hospital, beautifully  located on the top of a hill. The hospital staff decided that the sunny weather was a great opportunity for an outdoor performance and set up audience seating overlooking the valley ( see photo above ! ).  An enthusiastic audience + Outdoor Theatre in Nabatieh =  an exciting BIM performance  full of new improv and laughs! 

Thank you to this week's volunteers, Eric van Ommering and Josie McVitty !!