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We are an ensemble of International and Lebanese artists who create free, site specific, theatrical performances across Lebanon.


10453 Video Teaser

Our lovely videographer, Zeina Aboul Hosn, put together a great 1 minute video teaser of the 10453 performance in Tyre.

Check it out on our YouTube channel:

10453 in Tyre, Lebanon

It was a beautiful performance.  Thank you to all those who welcomed us and joined us on the corniche of Tyre, Lebanon on Saturday June 30. Some photos below....

Group Scene from 10453

Actor Daniel Balabane

 Actor Hadi Deaibess
Actor Kholoud Nasser

Scene from afar on the Corniche of Tyre, Lebanon


10453: A Story About Life in 1 km sq of Trash.

Where Maria Callas, heavy metal and plastic collide
to create an adventurous, upcycled trash performance!

It all begins Saturday, June 23 at 6:30 pm 
on the Al Kahrab Corniche of Tyre, Lebanon

( Located between Al Fanar/Lighthouse and the Makbaret; Opposite the old city)


Time Out Beirut

Time Out Beirut features The (B)IM Project in the Stage section of their June edition, out now!


Elle Orientale meets Camille

Elle Orientale interviews (B)IM writer & director, Camille Brunel Aoun about theatre and the poetry of trash.  

Pick up a copy of the June edition (On stands this week!) to learn more about Camille and her inspiration for the upcoming (B)IM summer production :)