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We are an ensemble of International and Lebanese artists who create free, site specific, theatrical performances across Lebanon.


Have you heard of Green Prophet, the leading voice for green news in the Middle East ? They loved 10453 and sat down to interview Camille & Denise. Check out the links to two in depth articles of our show!

Interview: http://www.greenprophet.com/2012/07/lebanon-trash-theatre/

Reflections: http://www.greenprophet.com/2012/07/10453-trash-play-lebanon/


Everyday Trash

We are thrilled to be featured on Everydaytrash.com, a NYC based blog that examines the art and politics of the world through the lens of garbage.  Check out our interview:


10453 in Beirut, Lebanon

A great performance- around 400 people attended!!- beautifully shot by photographers Jessica Kalache & Bernard Khalil.

Photo: Bernard Khalil

Photo: Bernard Khalil

Photo: Jessica Kalache

Photo by Jessica Kalache

Photo by Jessica Kalache

Photo by Jessica Kalache


10453 in Saida, Lebanon

Amazing show in Saida, Lebanon- in spite of the threats/ unrest/ protests- theatre prevailed. Some snapshots from Siada below :) Next stop...Beirut, July 7!

Photography by Rayya Haddad


L'Hebdo & 10453

Great coverage of 10453 and The (B)IM Project in this week's edition of L'Hebdo Magazine!


Stop Motion 10453

An amusing 30 second stop motion clip by Zeina Aboul Hosn of the 10453 crew at work...

Or watch it on The (B)IM Project's YouTube channel, link below: