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We are an ensemble of International and Lebanese artists who create free, site specific, theatrical performances across Lebanon.


A Call for Plastic Bottles and Plastic Bags

Do you live in Lebanon?
Do you have plastic bottles & plastic bags around your house or office ??
Don't you WISH you could recycle them ???

Now, you can!

The (B)IM Project wants YOUR plastic waste.

We are collecting plastic bags & plastic bottles for our upcoming show.

Just send an email to thebimproject@gmail.com with directions & a time window on Saturdays or Sundays and WE'LL COME PICK THEM UP!

We only have two requests:

1. If you give us soda/juice/oil bottles, PLEASE RINSE THEM OUT
(Just a quick squeeze of soap & water will do!)
2. Please do NOT crush the bottles.

Yalla, email us!


BIM in RAGMAG Magazine

Pick up the March issue of RAGMAG magazine to read about BIM and the upcoming June 2012 production!